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Prof. P. Sadashiv, M.Sc., LLB.
President Laughter Clubs Convention,


The Laughter Club International(Regd.) was started in Mumbai by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995 and in Bangalore by Retired Member Secretary Railway Service Commission Sri. B. K. Satyanarayan in 1998. There are 1200 clubs in India and 400 clubs all over the world. With more than 250 clubs in Karnataka with 150 clubs in Bangalore. The Laughter Clubs have also been started in other cities of Karnataka like Mysore, Shimoga, Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, Haveri, Suratkal, Mandya, Davangere, Chitradurga, Almatti and many others. There are more than 6000 members in Bangalore and about 2500 members in other cities. There are 25 Laughter Clubs exclusively for ladies. Men, women and children of all age group meet everyday in the morning and evening to practice Laughing Therapy.


With more than 150 clubs, Bangalore has the largest number of laughter clubs in the world. Most of the laughter clubs from India and abroad come to Bangalore for training in Laughter Therapy. Recognizing the importance laughter Clubs and benefits of the Laughter Therapy, the Worshipful Mayors and the Corporators of Bangalore Mahanagara Palike have been very co-operative and have kindly provided space in all the parks of Bangalore to carry out daily sessions.


Laughter Club activities are free and open to all men and women of all communities, class and creed. We meet daily morning/evening in parks and conduct 1 hr. Session, which gives health and happiness to all the people. The laugh is headed by Doctors, Professors, Official, Yoga Experts etc. The laughter has been introduced in school for Ten minutes in the mornings. In Hubli this is practiced daily by the Under trials in Jail and children in School for visually challenged.


The mentally challenged students of the Association for the mentally challenged in Bangalore situated near NIMHANS have been practicing this therapy from the last 5 years. Immense improvements have been noticed by the Director, parents and teachers of the institute.


The Laughter Club has fulfilled the Dreams of Mahatma Gandhiji to unite the people of all sectors of the society and Dr. D.V. Gundappa to make people to laugh and be happy. It is working as a cohesive activity of an Old age home, Mahila Samithi, Youth Center, Yoga Center all combined one.


This facility will also provide opportunity for exchange programs with our laughter members from other parts of the world. Laughter being the best medicine and a gift of God has been put into practice in daily lie so that each and every person and society can live healthy and happy life.


We have different types of Laughter :


Namaste Laughter, Appreciation Laughter/Felicitation Laughter, One meter Laughter, Milk Shake Laughter, Lion Laughter, Mobile Laughter, Argument Laughter, Forgive Laughter, Hand Shaking Laughter, Japanese Laughter, Congratulation Laughter, Greetings Laughter, Silence Laughter, Gradient Laughter, Goal Mal Laughter, Jogger Laughter, Culcutta Laughter, East-West Laughter, Lagan Laughter, Infant Laughter, Winners Laughter, Shower Laughter, Pengwin Laughter, Currant Laughter, Soup Laughter, Guru Laughter, Panipuri Laughter, Humming Laughter, Coconut Laughter, Apology Laughter, ZTULA 50-50 Laughter, Jula Laughter, Charlie-Chaplin Laughter, Lassi Laughter, Chinese Laughter, Nataraj Laughter.


It is said that the main reason of Normal 101 diseases of the present age is TENSION and the easiest panacea for removing is laughter only. In other words the only best medicine without side effect for redressing. The agonies of various diseases of the body is laughter only. Laughter makes the whole mind very light.


Today, life is a very stressful and stress-related diseases are on the rise, More than 70% of illness have some relation to stress. High blood pressure, heart diseases, anxiety, depression, frequent coughs and colds, nervous breakdowns, peptic ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, irritable bowl syndrome, colitis, menstrual difficulties, migraine and even cancer have some relation to stress. To escape stress, people turn to alcohol, smoking and drugs.


All of us get some symptoms of the above troubles off and on in this fast faced life, but, if the symptoms recur and persist for a long time, you need to unwind and become a member of a Laughter Club. People try a number of relaxation techniques like exercise, massage, yoga, meditation and going for holidays. All these methods are time consuming and expensive. One needs concentration and will power to stick to these methods. Most exercise programmers are abandoned due to boredom and lack of motivation. Against this, yogic laughter (Hasya Yoga) in a group is one of the easiest and most economical de-stressing measures. Not only do we laugh in a group, but we also practice and Implement ways and means of sensible living. Due to the group effort, motivation levels are high and there is no problem, it being a short and sweet exercise.


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